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  • Electric tool industry reshuffle will further accelerate in the future

    "This year, Zhejiang power tool industry has closed down several small businesses, now has come to the white-hot competition, the future will further accelerate the industry reshuffle." A power tool manufacturer in Zhejiang Province, said the person in charge.

    09-14 2018
  • Mechanical power engineering development of robot welding

    With "digital intelligent manufacturing" as the core of the third industrial revolution has arrived, and this revolution is the protagonist of the industrial robot.

    06-17 2018
  • Maintenance and maintenance of impact drill bit

    Maintenance staff in the use of impact impact drill often encountered impact drill bit slippery, broken, issued squeak sound and so on. I summarized the following use of the Notes

    03-16 2018
  • Welding machine use precautions

    1, should be based on the technical conditions of the workpiece, choose a reasonable welding process (welding rod, welding current and duty cycle), not allowed to use overload, and should try to use n

    07-01 2017
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